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20 Jan

Mobile dictates page length Moving forward, site design is seeing a change from the past when pages were limited in length only to have a lot of added navigation buttons or menu options. The market share for […]

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18 Feb

Amazing raw processing power The supercomputer named Tianhe-2, or translated “Milkyway-2”, from the National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou¬†China is now the #1 supercomputer in the world running at a peak 33,862.7 teraflops per second (almost 34 […]

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22 Dec

The site is all about what you can do “under some” amount, so when you are looking for a new interest or hobby you can browse new ideas by budget from a small home gym, to electric […]

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14 Oct

Another one like Heartbleed? Yes after Heartbleed and Shellshock, we have another threat. This one like Heartbleed allows plaintext view of SSL info for a Man-in-the-middle attack. What that means is info sent over a private channel, […]

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