21 Sep

It’s getting rough out there.

We probably don’t need to repeat recent security breaches with credit cards and websites, it’s been all over the news. Attacks seem to be getting worse, and if you haven’t heard anything about it, Google “DDOS attack” and you’ll see plenty. There is a great way to keep yourself protected though, through a cloud-based firewall.

Filter your content and visitors before they even get to your site

Cloud-based firewalls like CloudProxy do a really great job at this. You basically configure your URL to point at the firewall server so visitors that type in your domain name have to go through it first on the way to your site, then it sends clean visitors to your site server. Bad people and bots have to go through it too, and if they have a bad record of doing bad things, and they are on the bad list, they’re blocked. If they are new, and have a known bad page request, want to access files they shouldn’t, or have an injection of bad code for you, it kills their connection. Blacklisted. If you are running software that goes out of date and is vulnerable, the firewall will patch it just like magic with updated code for the associated software you are running on your site, like plugins and addons. You still want to maintain regular software updates, it’s more of a safety net.

It really works

We’ve seen thousands of blocked denial of service and brute-force login attempt attacks every month getting blocked on these systems and it’s just great. You can even block separate countries or most of the world if you want, since there are definitely some fraud-happy countries on the worst offenders lists. So if you don’t do business in a country, close the security gap with a couple of clicks, it’s that easy. Our site has U.S. only availability using a cloud based firewall, and it’s amazing to see how much bad stuff gets blocked from other countries, including spambots. As far as latency, site speeds can actually improve for basic sites since the firewall caches content in a small way like a content delivery network, adds SPDY, and gzip compression. CloudProxy is a great service to look into and definitely a must-have for businesses that handle sensitive information, or just about anybody. It works with SSL in a few clicks too, so try it out.