Speed Matters

47 percent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds. — KISSmetrics

It’s Perelli Concept’s site builds, VS. the big guys. We go up against Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and Samsung for site performance. We wanted to see how our system development stacks up against the top tech companies that spend big.

We tested with Pingdom, a respected industry service, that uses a remote Google Chrome browser to visit a site like a real person, and then provides performance numbers. For fairness we chose Dallas, TX for the tests, since it is centrally located. Testing is on the respective home pages only, and our servers are located in California. Let’s see some results…

The Showdown

Website performance, Apple comparison

Apple’s website loaded in 1.24 seconds. It is a fairly small page with a size of 1 MB, and a decent load time. See below for better speed, with more page.

Website performance Bottlehead comparison

Our site for the Bottlehead Corp. loaded in 847 milliseconds (under 1 sec.) This is a medium sized page with a size of 1.5 MB and running an ecommerce solution. It’s a larger page than Apple’s, but is somehow 44% faster.  • Perelli Concepts development

Website performance IBM comparison

IBM’s website loaded in 5.03 seconds, even though it’s a pretty small page, wow. It took 3.2 MB of data to load. 137 file requests to load that page? Come on IBM…

Website performance Tape Project comparison

Our Tape Project site loaded in 867 milliseconds (under 1 sec.) This is a medium sized page with a total of 1.7 MB running an ecommerce solution. • Perelli Concepts development

Website performance - Samsung comparison

The site for Samsung loaded in 3.5 seconds This is a medium sized page totalling 2.3 MB. 189 file requests to load up is just way to many for any single page.

Website performance - Pisgah Adventure Travel comparison

Our site for Pisgah Adventure Travel loaded in 749 milliseconds (under 1 sec.) This is a large page, and equivalent to 2 standard pages, with a size of only 1.5 MB. • Perelli Concepts development

Website performance - Microsoft comparison

Microsoft’s website loaded in 2.26 seconds This is a larger page, and equivalent to a couple of standard pages, with a size of 1.5mb. See how it compares to our project above with the same data size.

Website performance Perelli Concepts comparison

Our own company’s website loaded in 875 milliseconds. It’s a very long one-page responsive design, and equivalent to about 6 pages. We have it optimized to just 1.3 MB and it loads completely in under 1 second. The clincher? We are big on security, and this is the only page in this line-up that is secured with SSL encryption for privacy, like a bank. SSL does an extra round-trip check that actually slows it down a little.

The Breakdown

The average page load for the world’s top tech companies comes out at an even 3.00 seconds. The average page load time on our builds come out under 1 second across the board, at 0.86 seconds. So there it is, Perelli Concepts builds responsive websites that run 348% quicker than the the world’s top tech companies’ sites. Even when our pages are larger in viewable area and content; and even while running databases and ecommerce software in the background. It’s all about attention to detail in development.

Lately customers have increased their expectations for wait times online, and every second lost or saved counts towards losing or gaining business. Even search engines factor page rank on site speed now. If you really want the best performance available for your business, then get in touch with us today for a complete solution.